CrossFit Frankfurt

Need Equipment?

Hier gibts die passende Ausrüstung für dich von unserem Partner Reebok:


Dein Introkurs

Your Introcourse

Starting out is really easy. After we get to know you, you will start with three sessions of our introcourse in a small group setting. Thats where you learn how to move safely and get a great first impression of what our training feels like.

3 sessions in a small group

for 90 EUR

4 possible time slots per week in the evening time

start at any point of time

Learn how to move

We want you to be able to work out with us once you are old, grey and incredibly fit. And thats why we want to master the basics first.

Understand the training

What makes our training so effective, how you will benefit from it and last but not least how come it's even a bunch of fun.

Deine Community

You and your fitness level

Gym rat or (previously) couch potato, we have a workout suitable to your fitness level that will make you fitter.

Discover what our spirit is all about and get to know a bunch of awesome people that are going to be your training partners.

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